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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  August 14, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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>> on christmas? >> precisely. >> follow me, men. >> we're americans. we will not serve you against our duty. >> now let us convict king george himself! tonight on "justice," a clinton foundation investigation. >> the public has a right to know because this is exactly the kind of pay to play politics the american people are sick and tired of. >> the fbi is interested. the justice department, not so much. i'll talk to clinton cash author peter schweitzer. plus, get ready for street justice. i'll take the pulse of voters. and some future voters. >> donald trump is out to destroy the u.s. >> he is? and is hillary trying to -- >> yes, she is. >> all right. look at the skyscraper here. who the hell built it? not hillary.
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"justice starts now. hello and welcome to a special sunday edition of "justice." thank you for being with us tonight. you know, newly released e-mails suggest the power of the state department was used to show favoritism to the donors of the clinton foundation. and in case you missed last night's "justice," you will hear my open and take on those newly released e-mails later in the hour but joining me now is author of "clinton cash" peter schweitzer. all right, peter. good evening. listen you wrote this book, "clinton cash" well over a year ago and we are now just finding out that some of the stuff that you wrote about in the book is being released by the state department in e-mails as a result of a federal judge
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requiring the state department to release information that previously they weren't willing to release. so, what is the latest in terms of the information that we are learning about the clinton foundation and that relationship between the foundation and the state department under hillary clinton? >> well, judge, i wrote in "clinton certain" about what i call the clinton blur and that's the blurring of lines between the private activities, some of them commercial, some of them related to the clinton found decision and the state department, blurring them and the problem, of course, ethics laws don't allow you to blur them. the e-mails that are now coming out as a result of the work of judicial watch and also citizens united are confirming that contrary to the agreement hillary clinton made with barack obama, that there would be no overlap between the two, that indeed favors were done and access was given to clinton foundation donors by senior
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state department officials. so this indicates the kind of pay to play that i wrote about in "clinton cash." >> what's interesting, peter, we would not have found out about this, the m.o.u. signed right before hillary clinton became secretary of state, that she signed with barack obama, she swore that this was not the kind of thing that would happen, i'm curious as to whether or not when hillary handed over her e-mail that is she said were work related, whether or not the e-mail that involved sheryl mills and the request for her e-mail addresses that we just heard about was ever turned over. do you know what the answer to that is? >> my understanding is that judicial watch is saying that these e-mails were not turned over and that this is just another -- a number of e-mails to add to the long list that were not turned over.
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so, you know, judge, to put this into perspective, barack obama to his wisdom required hillary clinton before she became secretary of state to sign that memorandum of understanding you are talking about. we now know that two planks of that they completely violated. number one, they said they were going to turn over all the names of all the donors on an annual basis to the clinton foundation. we now know that there's at least 1,100 they have not disclosed and we don't know who the names of all the people giving them money and the second one is precisely this. she said it would be no overlapping of the two and clearly that's happening in the new batch of e-mails. complete violation of her agreement with barack obama. >> you know what's interesting is -- i have the memorandum of understanding that was signed in december of 2008, i mean, clearly what the president wanted at that time was to make sure that there was no funny business. i mean, they pretty much
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anticipated there would be given the clinton's history. i wonder if the president, forget about his expecting it, is upset now that she realized that this was going on under his nose in his own state department that was being used to involve favors for people like gilbert shagarui. convicted of money laundering in switzerland. tell us about him. >> yeah. i mean, gilbert, she shows and highlight it is problem of the clinton foundation, we are all used to the fact this people on wall street will raise money for a politician, they want access and favors in return. but foreign nationals can't do that. they can't give to campaigns. what the clinton foundation does is allow people like gilbert a way around that to get access and influence to the clinton foundation. he is not an american. he is not an american businessman. he is of lebanese background. a citizen of nigeria and you rightfully pointed out charged and convicted of money
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laundering and aiding and abetting a criminal enterprise. what he did is help the dictator of nigeria literally smuggle billions of dollars of the nigerian's people money out of the country and put them in swiss bank accounts. >> okay. >> he was given access by doug band and the state department to u.s. policymakers on middle eastern policy. >> all right. he was given access to the state department and they contacted through the foundation after he gave them between $1 million and $5 million. clearly no wall between the state department and the clinton foundation. anyway, peter, got run on that one. thank you so much for being with us. great book. everything you said is coming to fruition. all right. >> thank you, judge. joining me now a favorite person to battle it out. everybody, brace yourself. cocosudek. okay, we know from these newly released e-mails from the state
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department that that wall that hillary clinton promised would be, you know, separate the foundation from the state department wasn't a wall at all. in fact, it was probably a door mat so that you could walk in between the state department. we have got this convicted felon, this shagori guy and sheryl mills, to u.s. ambassador and there's foya request for information that we didn't know about that would have disclosed the e-mail system that hillary was using and they denied having one. aren't you a little bit concerned about the uneasy relationship between money and the u.s. government as it relites to the clintons? >> judge, not in this case, i'm not at all. thank you for having me on. happy sunday. look. there was an absolute wall. doug band sent that e-mail asking huma to contact the
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ambassador on shagori's behalf. he is a lebanese, born in lebanon and contributes money to protect christians in lebanon. here's the thing. he has not talked to hillary clinton since 2006 when she was a senator, not secretary of state. never talked to the ambassador. and nothing really ever which is too bad because what he was trying to do according to everybody can knows anything about this is he tries to pass insights along about the election in lebanon and how to protect the christians in lebanon, a cause which you would appreciate. >> well, let me tell you why you're wrong. number one, this guy who is a convicted felon, who is known as a shyster, was supporting michael auin part of lehis bell said the money for used for the people of africa and not the
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christians of lebanon and that is a quote and just so you know, he was contributing money to the organization of -- for an event in florida so he didn't have to contribute to the clintons. up to half a million dollars. so the fact that huma abadin just to put a cap on this is reaching out to an ambassador, she is on the private server and not released through the hillary's e-mails. they hid it. >> you know why? you know why? >> we found out through the state department. >> the reason why it wasn't released is because hillary clinton was not a party to any of these e-mails. those e-mails she released were from her e-mails. >> but let me tell you something. >> there's no reason why it should have been. >> of course it should have been. >> you guys are convicting the clintons and going and scavengering for the evidence. the thing is in this case, there was no pay to play.
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this was networking between people who know each other. >> he paid and he got the entree. the fact they didn't meet is irrelevant. the entry is doug band says this guy's a big contributor. huma says i'll get right to it. they put feldman -- >> nothing happened. >> only ones that say they didn't meet are the two of them. i don't believe a word they say because they said -- >> that's the point. judge -- >> is paid by the foundation and the state department? tell me why. >> judge, that is -- judge, that's the point. you're convicting the clintons and going -- >> that's what i do for a living. i put the evidence together. >> you don't believe it. judge, you're a judge. you know that you look for evidence. >> i do look at the evidence. >> the republicans will spend another hundred million dollars investigating the clintons. >> no. republicans wont waste the money. it's pay to play. >> and clintons continue to run the country. >> what you have got here is a woman who did not turn over
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these e-mails that was an foya request for e-mail system and sheryl mills says, we don't have any information on that and we would have found out about this years earlier. coco we had a good conversation tonight. >> have a great night, judge. which republicans supporting donald trump and which are snot ohio governor kasich said he's not made a final decision and just a few days ago, a businessman that served with george w. bush treasury secretary joined a group of republicans endorsing hillary clinton. joining me is donald rafella. good evening, david. >> hello. >> who is with john kasich and the bushes and cruz and the rest of them who were saying they're not going to support donald trump? who do they think they're hurting or just sore losers or small people?
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>> judge, no republican nominee in the history of our party got every republican to vote for them in a general election so this is not particularly unique that there are republicans, not supporting the nominee. now, for trump, he needs to go on and find democrats and independents to come into his camp to win this election. but beyond that, i think really to the point of your question, is that if you're not supporting donald trump and you don't want a fourth barack obama or third barack obama term, then what are you doing to make sure hillary clinton doesn't become the nominee? and even further than that, donald trump can't lose by a large margin and it not have a huge impact on the rest of the ticket. and so, what many this fracture that some is trying to create only really hurts the down
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ballot. because of straight ballot vote, it has to have an impact down the ballot and that's what a lot of this does. >> so what's the republican party doing to rebut these people who are saying we have to stop giving him money when the truth is that donald trump is part of an arrangement that's getting money to the republican national committee, and the group that promised to vote for trump? i mean, i'm absolutely stunned. you know what? kasich is a small man. i'm not even going to refer to him as a governor. you were the republican national convention in his state an he's too small to even show up. and then you've got cruz that trump gives him permission to actually speak at his con vince and we won't speak him and then the bushels pledge to support the gop nominee and they won't do it. carly fiorina said she would support the gop nominee. she won't do it. they're not people who are worthy of their own word.
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so, what do we do going forward? every non-vote trump is a weighted hillary vote it seems to me. >> you make an excellent point. we are a -- there are two teams on the field in reality that can win this election and it's either donald trump or hillary clinton. and if you're not for donald trump, you're really giving a vote to hillary clinton as you just pointed out but, you know, there are republicans as i started to say not supporting donald trump. that is not unique in an election. but the fact is reince priebus and the republican national committee have put together a ground game that they're actively working, press reports are that they talk five or six timeless a day. >> it appears they get along. >> yeah. judge, i don't know how one can interpret that the party isn't behind donald trump when the national committee is doing all it can with the resources it has, plus let's also look. what are the number of elected
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officials and republican voters that are for donald trump versus the ones who aren't? the reality is the overwhelming majority are for donald trump and if we win this election, we need to bring democrats and republicans into the fold for donald trump to win and for the entire ticket to win up and down. bringing new people into the republican process is a good thing. >> how does didn't do that? look, this week we had an astounding revelation regarding e-mails that show the pay to play. the group that started the lincoln bedroom scheme is back at it on an international level, david. and, you know, now we have donald trump talking about other things. >> yeah. every day donald trump is talking about his ideas to create jobs and keep americans safe in their neighborhoods and their communities is a day that we are further away from a third barack obama term. every day we're not talking about that, we are giving hillary clinton a chance despite
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the fact that every week we learn something new that is disturbing about hillary clinton and next week it's going to be something else and also quite frankly would be interesting to see what the -- those on the left who oppose hillary clinton what they continue to come out with. this week we just saw where members of congress had their phone numbers released. this wasn't done by a conservative group. this was done by a liberal group. so they have hillary clinton has her problems with her base. so, that's what's going to make the next couple of weeks, next 84 days, in fact, very interesting to watch. >> well, it certainly is captivating the whole country. david, good to have you with us. thanks so much. >> thank you, judge. all right. hillary clinton says donald trump lacks the temperament to be president. while donald trump says she lacks the integrity to sit in the oval office. new national polls have clinton extending the lead, though. what can trump do to catch up?
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so hillary clinton's lead over donald trump in several national polls widened in recent days. while growing number of fellow republicans have declared they will not support him. so, what does trump need to do
6:21 pm
to close the gap? joining me is republican poll ter ed goaz. >> good to be here. >> all right. i'm not going to go over the polls. she is ahead of him. she has a bad week, aggressive prosecutor could indict the woman. she is winning this week and he's behind. why? >> well, i mean, first of all, both these candidates had a 55% unfavorable rating getting into the race. still hovering around that amount. trump's a little bit higher in the recent weeks. hillary's at 53%. these numbers are baked in with the electorate. they're not going to change a great deal. they both have a very narrow ba bandwidth how high and go -- >> bandwidth? >> bandwid santorth is hillary' broken 50% and not dropped below
6:22 pm
43%. trump never broken 46% and never dropped below 36%. that is haze bandwidth. what we're looking at right now is data where she is at the top, he is at the bottom and looking at a much wider margin. >> there was a time, ed, when he was beating her in the national polls but it seem -- >> he was. >> yeah, he was. >> very short period. >> that's a yes. >> testifies at the end of the -- >> that's a yes, ed. >> and the key point in is that period of time he was at the top of the bandwidth because he was getting as much support from republicans as what hillary was getting from democrats. >> okay. and he's losing republicans or is she gaining in democrats? >> he is dropping with republicans. >> that's what i want to talk about so hang on. we had all these honorable men and a woman who promised to support the gop candidate and they have not. i call them a small man john
6:23 pm
kasich couldn't even show up at the republican national convention that benefited his state of ohio because he believed he was going to be the candidate or president. you have cruz offered the opportunity to speak at the trump convention and he doesn't even enforce him. carly fiorina won't endorse him. the bushes won't endorse him. we have the letters, this week an open letter to reince priebus, don't fund his campaign. and the national security -- what -- what is this about? >> well, judge, we're going to have just agree to disagree in terms of john kasich. he is an honorable man. i think the point is -- >> no, no. he said he would support the gop candidate and he didn't. >> there is a lot of talk about that but they came back and every one of them said they were stepping back from that, including donald trump. >> oh, so you make a promise and say i'm stepping back and still honorable? >> i don't want to get into that with you, judge.
6:24 pm
i'm a pollster. we are not talking a the names you're talking about. we are talking about every day republicans watching donald trump out there and fell away from supporting him because they didn't like what they were seeing. not because what these other people were saying but what he was saying and that is the key point here. he started off with a 55% unfavorable rating. it was driven by his persona. they did a great job at the debate of putting the focus on hillary clinton, bringing his family into the situation and showing a different side of donald trump and then he walked out of the convention and blew all of that up. >> do you think he can come back, ed? >> yeah. i think he can come back but he needs to understand that what drives his negatives are his persona. if he wants to run a rough campaign, get other people to do that. stay focused. be presidential. he seems to understand it. he said half a dozen times over the last six months i can be more presidential. there are republicans out there
6:25 pm
that want to see it. because they want to support him. but they're not seeing it. >> all right. ed, thank you for joining us tonight. >> thank you. all right. next up, my open involving the growing scan dan. man, my feet are killin' me.
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6:30 pm
set on fire during those protests. police say body camera footage shows the suspect turned toward officers with a gun in his hand when he was shot. that footage is yet to be released to the public. flooding in louisiana leaving at least four dead with more than 7,000 rescued this weekend. days of rain dumping nearly two feet of water in some areas. national guard working around the clock to help. the governor warns it is not over yet and asking people to not go outdoors. i'm robert gray. now back to "justice with judge jeanine." earlier on "justice" peter schweitzer made his case about the impropriety of the clinton foundation and did clinton state department. in case you missed "justice," here's an opening statement from last night.
6:31 pm
it wasn't about convenience. and this is not old news. she set up the personal server to prevent us from learning her private business. and it is only because of a government watchdog group and an ethical federal judge that we found out why this week. why? because bill and hillary clinton are the bonnie and clyde of american politics. now, follow me on this one. why would a woman, a lawyer no less, one experienced many times over in the ways of washington, risk placing classified information, our live assets, the placement of satellites, drones, and our most secret plans on an unprotected, non-government, non-capturable server? why would she violate federal regulations upon which she was schooled just before she became secretary of state? not to mention violate federal
6:32 pm
criminal laws that would put her in jail. she's too smart to do that. why would she take the time to make the effort to hide, destroy, and delete 33,000 e-mails? now we know. she did it for the most selfish of reasons. the oldest of motives. she did it for greed and for power and for the almighty dollar. she did it to hide her shady clinton foundation dealings. she did it in order to do favors for clinton donors and to put a price tag on our state department. the same duo who came up with a scheme to rent out the lincoln bedroom is back in business with a new and bigger scheme, one that is more far-reaching and worldwide, one that violates not only the law but all codes of
6:33 pm
moral and ethical conduct in government. a couple willing to sell anything to the highest bidder for money and power. this is why the e-mails were hidden from the beginning. and this is why they were ultimately destroyed and deleted. this week we find out top state department aide sheryl mills, formerly of the president bill clinton impeachment team, aligned with hillary ever since, and also on that private server, was advised in 2012 that a freedom of information request was made for the number of e-mail accounts used by hillary clinton. now dozens of senior officials throughout the state department including clinton's immediate staff obviously concerned, exchange e-mails with the secretary and sheryl mills. they actually used the personal account to discuss the official business and advise her of this
6:34 pm
foia request. their response to the request? there were no records. they were in active defense mode to hide their scheme. and when truth is put to the lie, that, in fact, there was an e-mail account, they say they made a mistake. had they been honest, that personal server would have been exposed years earlier. and also this week we find out a clear pay to play relationship between the clinton foundation and the clinton state department. an urgent e-mail from doug band, formerly assistant to president bill clinton, now overseeing the clinton foundation to sheryl mills and huma abedin, those two jewels on that private server, request that a huge clinton foundation donor meet a high state department contact in lebanon. the individual paid the price of admission, folks.
6:35 pm
gilbert shaguri gave between $1 million and $5 million to the clinton foundation and pledged a billion dollars to the clinton global initiative. so of course arrangements are made for him to meet with jeff feldman, the former u.s. ambassador to lebanon, the country where shagori was doing business. abedin, ironically, paid both by the foundation and the state department, immediately responds with i'll talk to jeff. ignoring the agreement between hillary and president obama to create a wall between that clinton foundation and the state department, confident that it would never be found out. and when we learned there was a private server, what happens? you do what anyone looking to hide the evidence does. you erase. you conceal.
6:36 pm
you hide. you destroy. now, i've told you this before. the clinton foundation is nothing more than a money laundering operation parading as a charitable foundation where estimates are that only 15% of its money goes to charities. the rest to expenses. a veritable slush fund for clinton operatives and ex-employees. a convenient way to get money from foreign countries and donors not allowed to contribute to presidential campaigns but willing to dump hundreds of millions of dollars into a foundation of a powerful secretary of state and possible future president. why and for what? for access. for information. for power. folks, politicians on a much lower level, of course have gone to jail for much less. and we find out this week that when the fbi, three separate
6:37 pm
offices, approach the department of justice to commence an investigation into this so-called not for profit 501c3 the department of justice refuses to do so. you know, when fifth amendment pleading lois lerner, when she opens files on small conservative organizations, she gets away with it, too. a few years' vacations, a bonus, and a pension. so it's no surprise that the doj refuses to investigate the clinton foundation. no surprise at all. the collusion between loretta lynch and bill clinton was on display for all to see in an astounding meeting on a tarmac in phoenix while an investigation of bill clinton's wife was being conducted by loretta lynch. and consider this one. isn't it curious how miss lynch is willing to listen to the fbi when they recommend not going forward with charges against
6:38 pm
hillary clinton but when the fbi recommends going forward with a criminal probe on a blatant pay to play bribery investigation of the bill, hillary and chelsea clinton foundation their answer is a resounding, no. and you know what, folks? the clintons, they're not even grateful. they are classless. take a listen. >> the fbi director said when he testified before congress he had to amend his previous day's statement that she had never received any e-mails marked classified. they saw two little notes with a "c" on it. this is the biggest load of bull i ever heard. >> you know, the fbi's ability to lose decades of hard-earned and well-respected credibility is now on display for the
6:39 pm
country to see. you know, jim comey's the fbi director, and i told you, jim, last week what happens when you run with these kinds of people. >> jim, you're running with dogs, and you know better than i that when you lie with dogs expect to get fleas. >> jim listened to that comment from bill clinton. jim, my friend, you deserved it. when we come back, donald trump's newest attacks on the media. is that a good strategy or is a distraction that will cost him? alaska bairdi crab dinner with sweet crab from the icy waters of alaska. or try crab lover's dream with tender snow and king crab legs. love crab? then hurry, crabfest ends soon.
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donald trump is tweeting more complaints against the news media. he says media reports don't show the crowd size at his rallies and false meaning to his words. joining me now is pollster lee carter. here's a tweet from trump attacking the media. he says, it's not freedom of the press when newspapers and others are allowed to say and write whatever they want even if it's completely false. all right, lee. you know what i think is interesting? i mean, we can go through the numbers. donald trump is not doing well and what is it? the last couple of weeks that his numbers have been dropping? >> last three weeks he had really bad, really bad showings of numbers and needs hold of him. doing best in iowa, ohio and florida and behind there and he has to turn things around. >> all right. so let's talk about what i see as the external events that are
6:45 pm
causing those numbers to go down. now, "the new york times" has a headline, i think we have it here, that is about inside the failing mission to tame donald trump's tongue. and, you know, that's kind of an incredible headline. you know, they could just as easily said inside the failing mission to tame hillary clinton's ethics but you don't see that. >> you don't see that. >> and then, you know, when he says that they don't report on the size of his rallies, i mean, you know, i think it was just yesterday in connecticut and -- yeah. there it is. in connecticut, look at that. of course, you know, in pennsylvania these huge rallies. pennsylvania, of course, being a very much contested state. and yet, all we're hearing the press talk about are the meaning that donald -- the they
6:46 pm
interpret donald's words. is this a different kind of election? >> it is a very different kind of election. donald trump is not helping himself. he needs to cent up his act and gut out of the news with things that can be helped. there are things he can't help. the media is biassed against him but he's hurting himself in many, many instances but looking at the size of the rallies and enthusiasm around him, he has the opportunity to turn things around and talk about how things are unfair in the media and not focus all of the attention here. i always say when you're reacting you're not acting and donald trump at his best is acting, talking about making america great again, talking about the economy, talking about jobs. when he talks about taking on the establishment. he can complain but not make it so personal and seem like everything is under his skin. >> on monday he gave a great speech on the economy. tomorrow he'll give a speech on
6:47 pm
foreign policy, isis. and when he does this, no one talks about it. hillary clinton had a horrible week. we saw that there is literally no wall between the clinton foundation and the state department under hillary clinton. there are many e-mails to come. this week we're going to get more information about the interview that she had with the fbi. you know, the one that there was no trips. there was no trap recording. you know, all of this horrible stuff the press is not focusing on it. so, i mean, donald trump can do what he's supposed to be doing and yet we have all of the exterm things that are going on that are being played over and over and over again. so, you know, donald trump reacts to an audience. the energy is inescapablinescap. i have been in some of those rallies with 20,000 people. >> it's just he doesn't need to give any meat to the people trying to fight him. and so, and that's what he is
6:48 pm
doing because there needs to be air time given to these things, all of the things you mentioned that hillary clinton went through this week got zero attention and donald trump giving them other fodder filling up the air time and he made mistakes and he's got to move back to where he is, the economy speech was an excellent speech. tomorrow talking about national security. he needs to focus on that. there is a strategy at play and no question about it that the dnc and hillary clinton, everybody's trying to bait him into getting him off message and getting him down the rabbit holes and it is working right now. he needs to not take the bait and to fight these fights, his surrogates and other people should have been doing it for him and he should be focused on the things that matter and resonate the most like the economy. tomorrow talking about national security, stay focused. a biggest criticism of voters say is i'm worried because he's so thin skinned. >> okay. >> he needs to show us and the vote earls that he is not. >> thank you so much. >> great to be here.
6:49 pm
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this week i hit the streets of new york to ask people who they're voting for. and why they aren't voting for
6:53 pm
the other person. take a look ahere we are in the jewelry district of new york city. live. >> with everybody here is a trump fan. >> good to know. >> what will you do about trump? what's he got to do to get the numbers up? >> open his big mouth. that's it. tell the truth. >> i don't really trust him. so, if he could be straight up and honest. doesn't matter what stance he seems to have on something, you find tape or voice of him being the exact opposite somewhere around, you know, over the years. >> but who's better at that than the clintons? >> that's where we get in the system and so turned off about it. >> that's what she thinks of the presidential candidate. >> yeah. miserable. >> who are you voting for? see that ring? i want that ring. how much is that ring? 1,000? ah whochlt are you voting for? >> donald trump. >> why? >> because if hillary clinton wins this country goes to the bottom, the bottom, the bottom.
6:54 pm
donald trump has a business mind. hillary clinton is a pathological liar. everybody knows that. america has to see this. >> why are you voting -- can you stop for a second? what about the fact that hillary clinton says that she is a better candidate? is she? >> she is a liar. >> who would you vote for? hillary or donald? >> none. i would not answer this question. i'm sorry. >> it's america. it is a free speech. hey, live strong. who will you vote for? >> hillary. >> why are you going to vote for hillary? >> just a strong democrat. >> what does donald trump need to do to move the numbers up? 9 points below hillary. >> get a little trouble. be nicer to everybody. you know? he has to bite his tongue a little bit. i think he's going to do it. hillary's a crook. we all know that. >> bernie sanders didn't get the nomination. now who are you going to vote for? >> hillary clinton with her nose held. >> what about the fact that the clinton foundation, you know, is collecting money from russian ol
6:55 pm
garks and all that? >> lesser of two evils. awful. >> what does donald trump done to steal your money? >> to steal my money? >> yes. >> don't you see the clintons as people who have gained hundreds of millions of dollars by being in the system? >> oh, absolutely. >> whereas donald trump made his own way. >> they're masters. noble is the system more so than the clintons. >> so do you know who you're going the vote for? >> do. gary johnson. >> come over here you. i'm the judge. >> you're the one? >> i'm the one, honey. now listen. >> i watch you all day long. >> you do? why? are you outside my window? why do you think that hillary clinton gets away with all she gets away with? >> liberal media. you know the story. >> but at the end of the day, aren't americans smart? don't they see through the liberal media? >> no. they only listen to what they want to hear. >> what are we going to do? >> we have to fight. you have to get stronger. >> me? >> yes. >> oh my god. they'll put me in cuffs.
6:56 pm
>> she has enough money to pay them off. >> donald trump has money, too. >> he does but he hasn't done anything like the benghazi and e-mail scandals to be investigated by them. >> this lady that didn't do anything last eight years between her and her husband, i'll do it better for you. >> she's tired. donald told you. why are you voting for hillary? >> i would not vote for donald trump. >> why? >> donald trump is trying to destroy the u.s. >> he is? >> yes. >> and is hillary trying to rebuild it? >> yes, she is. >> all right. look at the skyscraper here. who the hell built it? not hillary! all right. now who are you voting for? >> still voting for hillary. >> then i'm done. >> that's it for us tonight. thanks so much for watching. at safelite, we know how busy life can be.
6:57 pm
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or a sales event? the summer of audi sales event is here. get up to a $5,000 bonus on select audi models. i am chris wallace. i am chris wallace. governor mike pence and his first sunday interview since becoming donald trump's running mate, only on "fox news sunday." on his role in the campaign. are you the clean-up crew? >> top republicans declaring never trump. they say we can't trust donald trump to be commander in chief. >> and trump's claim president obama and hillary clinton founded isis. >> now trump says that he was being sarcastic. governor, which is it? >> governor mike pence, one on one. it's a "fox news sunday" exclusive. then new questions about the relationship between the cnt


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